Rhyme Ball

In "Snug as a Bug," Frog and Bug try to find the word that finishes the rhyme "Snug as a bug in a ____." They find several "ug" words, before they find the word RUG. In this fun activity you and your child can explore different rhyme words.

  • Target Age: 3-5
  • Skills: Rhyming
  • Subjects: Literacy and Language Development
  • Related Episode: 108 A. Snug as a Bug



  1. Tape the BUG WordFriend to the inside of the box.
  2. Place the box on its side so that the opening and the WordFriend face you and your child.
  3. Take the ball and stand a few feet away from the box with your child.
  4. Place the ball on the ground in front of you.
  5. Start the game by saying the word “Bug.” Once you have said the word, push or kick the ball a little in the direction of the open box.
  6. Then take turns saying words that rhyme with BUG.
    Here are some ideas: hug, dug, mug, jug, tug, rug, slug, snug
    For this game, it is also fine to come up with silly words, such as gug, sug and wug.
  7. Once someone has said a rhyming word, push or kick the ball one more time.
  8. Keep going until you have successfully gotten the ball into the box.
    Note: If you run out of words, before the ball goes in the box, repeat some of the words until the ball goes in the box.
  9. Try playing the game with the Cat and Frog WordFriends. Take the Bug WordFriend away and tape the Cat or Frog WordFriend to the box. Repeat steps 2- 8 with Cat and Frog WordFriends. Here are some ideas for rhyming words:
    • Words that rhyme with Cat: mat, rat, bat, hat, flat, fat, pat, that, sat
    • Words that rhyme with Frog: fog, log, dog, hog, jog

Take It Further:

  • Build a WordThing – Have your child make a WordThing with his favorite "ug" word. Write a word with "ug" in it, like "bug," "rug" or "jug" in big letters on a piece of construction paper or cardboard. Then have your child turn the word into a WordThing by drawing an outline of the object’s shape around it and decorating it by drawing, painting and/or pasting on objects (like pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, etc.).


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