Flashcard Art Game

Expand and reinforce vocabulary presented on WordGirl by drawing a series of flashcards that are to be used in a game between two players.

  • Target Age:  6-8 
  • Learning Goals:  language and literacy, vocabulary,  picture-word association,  cooperative play,  creative expression,  drawing
  • Related Episode: Episode 102: Enter, the Butcher


In the WordGirl episode, “Enter, the Butcher” (#102), Becky, Violet and Bob are painting pictures of a tree.  The art teacher, Ms. Champlain says, “Your tree should be a reflection of the world through your eyes…” But Becky’s (Word Girl’s) “painting” is the definition of tree written out in paint, and a list of types of trees! Ms. Champlain tells Becky, “That’s uh…wordy.”

In this game, see if your child and one of her friends can create drawings that show the meanings of four assigned words. Then use those drawings as flashcards in a game between two players!


  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Large index cards
  • Dictionary
  • Dice


On a piece of paper in which you’ve copied the words, review the following vocabulary from WordGirl episodes with your child and her friend:


Make sure both children understand the meanings of these words. If there is a word the children do not understand, use it in example sentences so they can figure it out by context. If there is still uncertainty, help the children look up the word in the dictionary. Next, divide the list of four words and index cards into two piles. Ask each child to copy her two words and their meanings onto one side of the index cards. Shuffle the cards well, and deal out two to each child, with only the blank side visible.

Now ask each child to make a drawing that shows the meaning of the word. After the drawings are completed, the game is ready to be played! Have the list of words (without their definitions) on hand so the children can refer to it,if necessary.

Rules of the Game:

  • The objective of the game is to be able to identify and define the meaning of a word, based on the drawing. Whoever can identify and define the most words wins!
  • Ask the children to throw the dice. Whoever has the larger number goes first. 
  • Player One shows her first drawing to his opponent, who must guess which word it means. She needs to both say the correct word AND use it correctly in a sentence to win the card. If she is correct on both counts, she gets to go again. If she is not correct, her opponent now puts down one of her drawings.
  • The game continues until all four cards have been played.

Take It Further

Ask your child to now pick six new words and play the game again!

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