Rhyme Spy

Use this new twist to a classic game and develop your child’s rhyming skills!

  • Target Age:  3-6 
  • Learning Goals:  Rhyming; Guessing from Clues
  • Related EpisodeEpisode 4280: Rhyming Block




  1. Talk to your child about rhymes and explain that two words rhyme when they end in the same sound such as “cat” and “bat.”
  2. Try this new rhyming twist on the classic I Spy game with your child! Choose an object in the room for your child to find (for example, a block)
  3. Then think of a word that rhymes with your chosen object and include it in the spy clue. For instance, “I spy something that rhymes with sock.”
  4. Your child then needs to find something in the room that rhymes with your clue.
  5. After your child guesses the object correctly, try and think of as many words as possible that rhyme with it!

Talk About It

Listen for rhymes in songs and storybooks. When you read a rhyming book to your child, pause before reading the rhyming word and encourage your child to fill in the rhyme. 

Take it Further

Have some fun at home, in the car, waiting room, or anywhere by creating silly rhyming sentences with your child! Start saying a sentence, but before you finish it, replace the last word with one that rhymes with the correct word! For instance, say “Animals live at the shoe?” Have your child guess the correct word that you meant to say, in this case, “zoo.” If your child needs extra help, repeat the word she needs to rhyme and list some other words that end in the same sound. When she gets the right answer, recite the rhyming pair.


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