Mystery Letter 

Play this game with your child to learn about letters in a mysterious way!

  • Target Age:  3-6 
  • Learning Goals:  letter sounds, letter recognition, alliteration, writing fundamentals
  • RelatedEpisodeEpisode 4270: Letter R Mystery


  • Bag
  • Three household objects beginning with the same letter


  1. Choose a letter to focus on! You may want to choose the first letter in your child’s name or a letter he is working on in school.
  2. Collect three items around the house that begin with the letter. For instance, you might include a banana, a book, and a ball for the letter “B”. Place them in the bag.
  3. Tell your child that you are thinking of a mystery letter and all the objects you have collected begin with that letter!
  4. Have your child pull each item out of the bag and name it.
  5. After he has named all the objects, encourage your child to guess the mystery letter. If he needs help, emphasizing the first letter sound of each word.
  6. Then let him choose a mystery letter for you to guess!
Talk About It
Talk about the sound that the letter makes. Try telling a silly story that uses as many words that begin with the letter as possible. Think of words together to include in your story and then write it down. When you're finished, read the story together, pointing out all of the words that begin with that letter.

Take It Further
Now that your child has had some practice with letter sounds, practice writing letters! Help your child create a picture dictionary. Work on one letter a time, adding new letters as your child learns them. For each letter, have your child write the letter (uppercase, lowercase, or both) and think of words that begin with that letter. Help him write the words on the page, and have him to draw pictures that match!


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