My Favorite Letter

What can your child do with his favorite letter?

  • Target Age:  3-6
  • Learning Goals: Letter Identification; Letter-Sound Relationships; Alliteration; Literacy
  • Related EpisodeEpisode 4306: A Song for Letter G


  • Paper
  • Crayons and/or markers


  1. Ask your child what her favorite letter is and why. Talk about what the letter looks and sounds like.
  2. Think of words that begin with that letter sound. Then make up a song about her favorite letter, just like Elmo and Rosita did about the letter “G.”
  3. Write down the lyrics to the song on a piece of paper. Encourage her to draw pictures next to the different words and circle her favorite letter each time she sees it on the page.
  4. When finished sing the song to family and friends!

Talk About It

Take a trip around your neighborhood and look for objects that begin with that letter. How many different objects can you find? What is the same and different about the objects?

Take it Further

Encourage your child to practice tracing her favorite letter. Fill a zip lock bag with shampoo and seal the bag completely or fill a small tray with sand. Show your child how to trace the letter with her finger and let her practice using the different materials.


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