Memory Dance

Give your mind and body a workout by choreographing a multi-step dance with your child.

  • Target Age:  2-5
  • Learning Goals: Executive Functioning, Arts and Creativity, and Healthy Habits


  • Music


  1. Find a space in your home or outside with plenty of room for dancing.
  2. Talk together about how you’re going to create a dance routine that has different steps, and think of some strategies to help you remember them along the way, such as repeating them out loud or making up a fun rhyme.
  3. Make up a first step, such as jump or twirl, and say it out loud over and over as you practice it.
  4. Add on to your dance by making up a second step using a different body part than the first, such as clapping. Say it out loud over and over as you practice it.
  5. Put the two dance moves together and practice your new routine, again saying each step out loud over and over.
  6. If your child seems to master the two steps together, try adding on a third.
  7. Turn on the music and do your dance routine together!

Talk About It

Remembering more than one thing at a time can be challenging. Talk together about the strategies you used for the dance when you practiced one step at a time and said each step out loud over and over to help you remember it. Practice following and remembering multiple directions in daily routines such as cleaning up toys (put away the bear, then the blocks) or when your child helps set the table (but down the plate, then the napkin, then the spoon). Repeat the directions out loud, make up a fun rhyme, or even a chant to help remember them.

Take It Further

Play a hide and seek memory game. Hide a toy in your child’s room while she’s looking. Walk out of the room together and sing the alphabet or do five jumping jacks. Come back into the room and see if she can remember where you hid the toy. Take turns hiding and seeking!


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