Leaf Observations

Go on a nature walk to collect and observe leaves and then create art.

  • Target Age:  3-6 
  • Learning Goals: observation, sorting, counting, graphing
  • Related EpisodeEpisode 4277: Falling Leaves


  • Bag
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Tape


  1. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a park when the leaves begin to fall from the trees in autumn.
  2. Bring a bag and collect different kinds of leaves from the ground.
  3. Observe the leaves. What colors are they? Compare the different shapes and sizes. How does each one feel? Notice the different types of trees the leaves have fallen from just like Elmo and Rosita did when they were being leaf detectives.
  4. At home, help your child record the different shapes and sizes of leaves by making leaf rubbings.
  5. Place a leaf under a piece of paper. For younger children, it helps to tape the leaf to the back of the paper so it doesn’t move.
  6. Choose a crayon that matches the color of the leaf and rub it over the paper. The leaf shape should appear!
Talk About It
Talk about the changes that occur in the fall. For instance, the leaves change color and fall off the trees, the weather gets cooler, and we start wearing jackets and long sleeves. Also talk about the different shapes and textures of the leaves you collect. Some may be round and smooth while others may be pointy and rough!

Take It Further
Sort your collected leaves by color, size, or type of leaf. Have your child explain to you how he sorted the leaves. Then help him make a chart to display his leaf findings! Count the number of leaves collected from each type of tree. You may need to visit your local library or go on the Internet to find out the names of the trees. Make a chart to show how many of each leaf you collected.


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