All About Feelings

Help your child label understand different feelings.

  • Target Age:  3-6 
  • Learning Goals:  Identifying and Labeling Emotions
  • Related Episodes: Episode 4266: Big Bad Wolf Huffs and Puffs Slimey


  • Papers
  • Crayons
  • Pencil


  1. Talk with your child about times when he has experienced different emotions such as feeling happy, sad, frustrated, or scared like Slimey did in the story.
  2. Create a book of feeling words and together draw a person next to each word whose face shows that feeling. Remind your child that you can often tell how someone is feeling by looking at their face and body clues such as a smile, hunched shoulders, or furrowed eyebrows.
  3. Go through the book together and think of stories for each emotion word. Ask, “Why do you think this person is happy?” and “Why do you think this person is feeling sad. What could you do to make them feel better?”

Talk About It

Talk about ways that you help other people feel better, and help your child notice how his behavior affects others. Think about ways that together you can help make people feel good such as creating a card or giving them a hug.

Take It Further

Draw or cut out faces from magazines, paste them on to small pieces of paper, and write the name of an emotion next to each image. Put the pictures in a bag and have your child select one picture to act out! Guess what the feeling is, then switch!


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