What Am I?

Act out a profession for others to guess.

  • Target Age:  4-7 
  • Learning Goals:  vocabulary, oral language development, social studies, dramatic play
  • Related Episode: Martha Plays a Part, Martha Treads the Boards

Target Words

architect, athlete, barber, dancer, doctor, inventor, meteorologist, musician, nurse, veterinarian


  • Vocabulary Cards


This acting game is like "Charades" but with talking allowed (and encouraged).

  1. Make your own vocabulary cards with the target words and, if you wish, a picture of the word.
  2. Go through the cards with the kids, introducing and discussing each word, then shuffle the cards and put them in a hat or bag.
  3. One person picks a vocabulary card and pretends to be that word. (If it's a kid who doesn't read, an extra grownup can whisper the word.) That person cannot say the name of the job aloud but must act it out. The other players have to guess what that person is.

Take it Further
You may want to add other profession words to your stack of vocabulary cards, including jobs done by family members and family friends.

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