Weather Forecaster

Make a chart and predict the weather.

  • Target Age:  4-7 
  • Learning Goals:  vocabulary, oral language development, science, environmental awareness
  • Related Episode: Skits Under the Weather, Martha the Weather Dog

Target Words

cloudy, forecast, meteorologist, precipitation, predict, sunny, temperature


  • Paper
  • Markers or Crayons


Make a 3-column weather forecast chart. Label the second column Weather Predictions and the third column Weather Today In the first column, list the following: TemperaturePrecipitationCloudy/Sunny. Draw lines across the chart, so that there is a space for your child to record temperature, precipitation, and cloudy or sunny in the second and third columns.

Each evening, talk with your kids and invite them to make predictions about what the weather will be the next day. Fill in their forecasts for the temperature, what kind of precipitation (if any), and whether it will be cloudy or sunny. If your children do not write yet, help them with the words and let them draw pictures or use stickers.

At the end of the next day, talk about what the weather actually was and write the details in the last column. Make weather charts with your kids for a week and at the end of the time, look at all the charts together. How many of their weather predictions were correct? Maybe they have promising careers as meteorologists!

Take it Further
Talk about other kinds of predictions. For example, can your child predict what color shirt his or her dad will wear tomorrow? Or what the school will serve for lunch on Friday? Choose something, let your child make a prediction, write it down, then wait and see if the prediction is correct!

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