Hello From Outer Space

Paint pictures of outer space.

  • Target Age:  4-7 
  • Learning Goals:  creative expression, reading & language
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Target Words

abstract, artwork, brushes, easel, painting (s) participate(d), portrait, pose


  • Crayons, markers, or paints
  • Easel (if available)
  • Paper


Is there life on other planets? And, if so, what might it look like? This art activity helps kids use their imagination to draw a picture, comic strip, or portrait of an outer space creature.

  1. As you gather the materials, use some of the vocabulary words. You could say, "What will we need for our painting? I know, we need paper, paint, and some brushes to put the paint on the paper. We could put the paper up on an easel so it's easy to see as we draw."
  2. Ask you child, "What do you think a being from outer space might look like?" Would it be big or little? What color might it be? Would it have eyes, ears, fingers, and toes or something completely different?
  3. Explain that drawing a picture of someone is called a portrait. Say, "Sometimes, an artist has the person pose—or sit very still while the artist draws—to make sure the portrait is just right. A photograph of someone can also be a portrait."
  4. Think aloud as you draw. "Hmm, do I want to make this portrait realistic or abstract? If it's abstract, I can use lots of different shapes and color all over the place!"
  5. When you're done, thank your child for participating in the project: "Your artwork is very interesting. It looks like that character posed for you!"
  6. Make up a title for the drawing and post it on the refrigerator or wall.

Take it Further

Since you're drawing about outer space, sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" together as you draw. Make up silly verses or variations (such as "Binkle, Binkle, Little Bar").

Older children might enjoy making up a comic strip that tells about a being from outer space. Divide a piece of paper into six large squares. Help your child draw a picture in each square that tells the story. Help your child write the captions under each picture, or have your child tell you what to write.

Go to a local art museum to look at paintings in different styles, or borrow an art or comic strip book from the library to look at together.

Related Books

Read one or more of these books aloud to explore drawing, painting...and outer space.

  • Come Look with Me: Enjoying Art with Children by Gladys S. Blizzard
    Explore and enjoy twelve portraits by famous artists.
  • How Many Stars In the Sky? by Lenny Hort
    A little boy and his dad gaze up at the sky and wonder how many there could be.
  • My Crayons Talk by Patricia Hubbard
    A rhyming book about what crayons might say if they could speak.

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