Opposite Day

Say the opposite of everything you do.

  • Target Age:  4-7 
  • Learning Goals:  vocabulary, oral language development, creative expression
  • Related Episode: Martha's Worst Best Day

Target Words

backwards, opposite, reverse




On Opposite Day, narrate what you are doing or thinking, but say the opposite. For example, say: "I'm taking off my jacket" while you're really putting on your jacket. Say, "I don't want any ice cream," as you point to the ice cream truck and lick your lips. If the sun is shining say, "The weather is awful today." Your child will quickly catch on and join in with the game.

On Opposite Day, you could have breakfast at dinnertime. At bedtime, tuck your child in with a kiss and say "Good morning!"

Take it Further
On Opposite Day, you can also do things in reverse. Put on your shirt and pants backwards or inside out. Try singing the Alphabet Song from Z to A. Serve dinner backwards, starting with dessert.

Related Books
  • Quinito, Day and Night/Quinito, día y noche by Ina Cumpiano
    From morning to night, Quinito's day is full of opposites.
  • Exactly the Opposite by Tana Hoban
    Photos of kids and their world illustrate the concept of opposites in this wordless book: up the stairs and down the stairs, open hands and shut hands, shoes that are untied and shoes that are tied.
  • Black? White! Day? Night: A Book of Opposites by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
    Discover things that are the opposite of what they seem in this imaginative book.

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