Make a Bed

Learn how to encourage your child to observe, document, and identify different types of birds.

  • Target Age:  4-7 
  • Learning Goals:  creative expression, physical & motor skills, reading & language
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Target Words

broken, collection, discard, garbage, junk, recycle, rubbish, trash, valuable, worthless


  • Empty cardboard or plastic container (shoebox, milk carton, etc.)
  • Fabric scraps, yarn, or worn-out clothes
  • Glue or paint
  • Markers, stickers, paint, old magazines
  • Scissors


Tell your child, "Let's make a bed for Floppy [favorite stuffed companion]! We can use recycled materials. That means we will reuse something that we would usually discard or put in the garbage." Try to use the target words above when you are working together. Your child learns new words when she or he hears you use them in conversation.

  1. Look through your recycle bin or a closet and find a container that's a little bit longer and wider than your child's stuffed animal or doll. "What can we recycle instead of discarding it in the trash? I bet we can think of some fun ways to use thisjunk, even if it's broken. Wow, there are valuable things in here!"
  2. Help your child remove the top or cut off the flaps so the stuffed animal or doll can fit inside.
  3. Decorate the outside with markers, paint, stickers, or photographs cut out from old magazines. "What kinds of decorations would Floppy like? What would make this feel like a special place for Floppy?"
  4. Your child can use scraps of fabric or old clothes to create a cozy mattress. Make a pillow by bunching together some of the fabric or yarn.
  5. Look for a special piece of fabric, a worn-out scarf, or other fuzzy material to use as a blanket.
  6. Say, "Look at how our collection of rubbish became something we can use!" Tuck the doll or stuffed animal into bed, tell him a story, and say goodnight!

Take it Further
Make your stuffed animal or doll some dishes out of recycled materials. Cut out pictures of food from a magazine and glue them to cardboard scraps. Set up a pretend picnic on a blanket on the floor!naptime or bedtime―or after putting Floppy to bed.

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