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Balanced Meals

This activity focuses on helping kids identify the impor tance of a balanced breakfast.

Breakfast Diary Chart

Did you know?
Kids who eat a healthy breakfast do better in school.
The first meal of the day can improve attention, memory and brain function. Children who eat breakfast make fewer mistakes, work faster in math and number checking tests. They perform better in vocabulary and handle frustration better. Breakfast choices help determine your child's energy level for the rest of your morning.

Breakfast is a balancing act! It's a meal that should include foods from several food groups.
When breakfast consists mostly of sugary foods, your child experiences a quick rise in blood sugar, causing a surge in energy. But after about an hour, their blood sugar and energy both decline and they are hungry again, long before lunch. It’s important to eat a balanced breakfast; include foods from several food groups. This helps prevent a drop in blood sugar for several hours.

Breakfast can be easy, just plan ahead the night before!
Get your child involved in planning and preparing breakfast. It's a great way to have together time. Check out these ideas to help you and your child start the day off right:

  • Peanut butter whole-wheat toast and low-fat milk
  • Low-sugar cereal topped with bananas and low-fat milk
  • Granola topped with fresh peaches and yogurt
  • Instant oatmeal topped with dried cranberries

Download Professor Fizzy’s Breakfast Diary

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