Jousting Knights

Mount your steeds. It's time for a Word Joust!

  • Target Age: 4-6
  • Skills/Subjects:
    • Language and Literacy Development
    • Physical & Motor
  • Related Episodes:
    • #216: Quest, Quest, Quest!
    • #223: Good Night, Knight


  • Word cards (see Directions)
  • Hobby horses or yardsticks (optional)

In the "Gawain's Word" segment featured in many Between the Lions episodes, two knights on hobby horses demonstrate word blending through a make-believe joust. You can stage a similar jousting with your child. You will need two knights (your child and a friend or other family member) and several pairs of word cards. Each pair contains the beginning part and the ending part of a word that the knights will blend together. Here are suggested pairs:

  • cl — ap
  • fl — ap
  • h — op
  • h — ug
  • s — ing
  • s — it
  • sk — ip
  • sn — eeze
  • tr — ot
  • w — ave

If your knights have hobby horses or yardsticks they'd like to ride, that is fine. Invisible make-believe horses work equally well. Give one knight the card with the beginning part of the word and the other knight the card with the ending part of the same word. Practice saying the word part with each knight, then help the knights practice the word blending chant together. The first knight will shout the first part followed quickly by the second knight shouting the second part. Start the joust. The knights will hold out their word cards like lances and gallop toward each other as they say the word blending chant. When they meet in the middle, they will blend the word parts together, say the mystery word, and act it out:

  • "h"... "op"
  • "h"..."op"
  • "Hop!" (Both knights hop.)

Talk about It
Ask your child to share what he or she knows about knights, armor, jousting, et cetera. Read some of the Related Books together and talk about the new information you learn, especially from the nonfiction selection "Knights in Shining Armor."

Related Books

  • Good Night, Good Knight by Shelly Moore Thomas
  • The Knight Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Barbara Shook Hazen
  • Knights in Shining Armor by Gail Gibbons

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