Follow the Directions

It's time for a treasure hunt!

  • Target Age: 4-6
  • Skills/Subjects:
    • Creative Expression (Art)
    • Following Directions
    • Language and Literacy Development
    • Social Studies (Maps)
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  • Homemade clues for a treasure hunt
  • "Treasure" for the end of the hunt
  • Food containers
  • Handheld mirror (optional)
  • Cardboard boxes and tubes (optional)


Create a series of clues for a treasure hunt in your home or yard or a nearby park. The first clue will lead your child to a spot where the next clue is hidden. Eventually, your child will be led to the hidden treasure. Your clues can include:

  • Picture maps with dotted arrows and an X to mark where the next clue will be found
  • Complete-the-rhyme clues: "A, B, C, 1, 2, 3/ Let's look up in the tall green (fill in the blank)."
  • Clues written backward that need to be held up to a mirror to be read
  • Clues that involve pacing a given number of paces: "Face the street. Take 2 big steps forward. Turn left and take 8 little steps."

Talk about It 

  1. Invite your child to join you in reading and following everyday directions at the Laundromat, on frozen food packages, on ATMs and vending machines, et cetera. Point out signs that give directions, such as Push and Pull signs on doors, "one way" arrows, STOP signs, and WALK signals.
  2. Let your child pretend to be a robot. Give two- and three-part directions for your "robot" to follow, for example: "Walk to the door. Turn around two times, then open it." Encourage your child to walk and talk like a robot as she or he follows the directions. As an extension, you and your child may enjoy building a robot from cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, and other found objects. 

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