Be a Poet

Paint a picture with your words.

  • Target Age: 4-6
  • Skills/Subjects:
    • Creative Expression
    • Fine Motor
    • Language and Literacy Development
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  • Poetry book(s)
  • White paper
  • Large sheet of colored construction paper
  • Art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, stickers, colored paper, scissors, glue stick)


Children can create beautiful poetry. Invite your child to think of a special time, place, occasion, or experience, for example: Nighttime, Behind the Couch, Halloween, or Waiting for the Subway. This can be the title and topic of a "list poem." Let your child write or dictate a poem that "paints a picture" of that time, place, or experience. He or she can use the poem pattern below.

Poem title

I see....

I smell...

I hear...

I feel....

Mount your child's poem on a large sheet of color construction paper. Have your child decorate the border around the poem.

Talk about It 

Nursery rhymes and finger plays help children develop and refine language skills. What nursery rhymes, playground chants, finger plays, and song lyrics does your child know? Recite some together. You may need to jog your child's memory by saying the first line, for example:

"Baa baa black sheep..."

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick..."

"Engine, engine number nine..."

"This little pig went to market..."

"Open them, shut them..."

"Row, row, row your boat..."

Related Books

  • Bow wow meow meow: it's rhyming cats and dogs by Douglas Florian

  • Finger Rhymes and Hand Rhymes by Marc Brown

  • The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders by Jack Prelutsky

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