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Buster Chat
A game for 2 or more players

That stuffy Buster's making up rules again.

To play, all you need to do is start chatting.

But, the trick is to talk for one minute without saying "er", "um", or "like."

The first person to say one of these loses.

Compound Hound
A game for one or more players

Help sniff out two-part words.

A compound word is a word made up of two words. Confused? It's easy. Like cheeseburger, which is cheese + burger. Or sunglasses is sun + glasses. How many objects around you are actually compound words? And don't worry if the name of the object is really two words, like paper towel or salad bar--they still count!

Dark and Stormy Knight
A game for 2 or more players

Create sentences joust by adding words!

To play, make up a sentence together by taking turns adding just one word.

Whoever adds a word that ends the sentence is out of the game.

Last person left wins.

Dr. Nitwhite Gets Hip
A game for 1 or more players

Dr. Nitwhite thinks he's found the only body part with three letters in its name... hip. But we know he hasn't.

Think of as many three lettered body parts as you can and make a list. Dr. Nitwhite just gave you one, "hip," but there are at least 9 more!


Toe, eye, lip, gut, arm, ear, jaw, leg, rib

Duck the Question
A game for 2 or more players

Here's a game those monkeys play when they're not swinging from the chandelier.

First, pick a word, and then tell it to a person you're playing with. Then try to get them to say that word by asking them questions that would probably have that word as the answer. If you picked the word banana (now who wouldn't pick that word?) you might start by asking questions like, "Which fruit has a yellow peel and grows on trees?" or "What do monkeys eat?" Keep asking more and more questions to get your partner to say the word. They must try not to say the word, BUT their answer must make sense. Here are some words you could start with: monkey, banana, lucky, cute, duck.

Fisk Fisk
A game for 1 or more players

Get silly naming sound effects.

To play, take turns making up different words for sound effects. For example, make up a word for the sound of a tomato squishing, like "SPLURGLE" or the sound of an elephant landing in lumpy custard, like "FF-LL-UU-MM-PP."

What other sounds can you think of?

No And-It-But
A game for 1 or more players

Don't let "and," "it" or "but" out of Pandora's box and into your story.

One person starts by making up a story, or talking about something they like to do, without using "and," "it" or "but." After a minute the next person continues the story, then the next. Keep going until someone uses either "and," "it" or "but." If they do, they're out.

Sporting Creature Feature
A game for 1 or more players

Dr. Nitwhite thinks he found the only sports team named after an animal, but we know better, don't we?

Lots of professional sports teams are named after animals, like the Chicago Cubs. Try to think of as many sports teams with animal names as you can. You can work together or challenge each other to see who can come up with more.

Another silly way to play is for you to make up new teams. How about the Boston Beetles? The Ohio Octopus? The North Pole Parrots?

Some answers include:

Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Tigers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Timber Wolves, Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks, Mighty Ducks, and Boston Bruins.

Talking Factory
A game for 2 or more players

Invent words in Lionel's Talking Factory.

One person starts by saying words they've invented in Lionel's talking factory. It needs to be something that makes no sense, like "Ding!" or "Wham!" or "Greetch!" The next person quickly repeats that word and adds another silly word. Keep going back and forth, as fast as you can, and each time you have to remember all the words that you've invented between you.

For example:
Person 1 says: "Ding!"
Person 2 says: "Ding, Wham!"
Person 1 says: "Ding, Wham, Greetch!"
Person 2 says: "Ding, Wham, Greetch, Trump!"
How far did you get?

The Un-do Re-do Challenge
A game for 1 or more players

Join forces with the re-people to stop the evil un-people from undoing everything.

To play, think of action words that can be un-done and then re-done like the word "tie." You un-do it by saying un-tie then redo it by saying re-tie. The trick is you have to think of words that can be both un-done and re-done, like "zip." You can un-zip something, then re-zip it. Hint: A lot of action words for closing and opening something can be used.

Some possible answers:

Bolt, un-bolt, re-bolt; lock, unlock, re-lock.

The Vox Box
A game for 2 or more players

On a whim, you and a partner say words back and forth.

To play, two people face each other. One person starts by saying a word, the first word that comes to mind. The other person then responds to that word with another word, the first word that comes to mind.

Keep going, responding to each other's words with the first word that comes to mind. You can't use the same word twice.

The first person who collapses in giggles or can't think of a new word, loses.

Well, I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle
A game for two or more players

What would you call your mother's mother's nephew?

People in your family have different labels, like sister, cousin, father, or grandmother. What do you call your mother's sister? (Aunt). Your father's brother? (Uncle). Your mom's father? (Grandfather). How many aunts and uncles do you have? How many aunts and uncles do your parents have? Make a family tree, labeling all your family members and how they are related to you.

Who Are You?
A game for one or more players

Games with names.

Who in the room (or car) has the most letters in their name? How about the fewest? Who has the most vowels in their name? Does anyone have a word hiding in their name, like "robe" in Robert? Spell your name backwards, and try to pronounce it. Think of a good nickname for yourself if you were a pirate (Harry the Hook?), a giant (Huge Harry?), a caveperson (Haarrrr), or anything else funny.

Word Salad
A game for 1 or more players

Help the bunny grow words from words.

To play, "plant" small words to grow bigger ones. Think of words for things that grow, that have smaller words inside them.

Here are some examples:

Plant a "dish" and it will grow into a "radish".

Plant a "nut" and it will grow into a "coconut".

Plant the word "let" and it will grow into a "lettuce".

Plant a "pump" and it will grow into a "pumpkin".

Some more possible word-plants:

Egg becomes eggplant
Pin becomes into spinach
Toes becomes potatoes or tomatoes
Mush becomes mushrooms
Turn becomes turnip
Art becomes artichoke

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