Word Quest

You and your child can go on a quest, excavating word artifactsfrom hiding places around your home and figuring out what they are! 

  • Target Age: 6-9
  • Learning Goals:
  • Related Episode: 123 - “Jules Quest”
  • Related Game:Jungle Jumble


  • Paper
  • Two index cards
  • Six envelopes
  • Colored markers or pens


  1. On one index card, write “dr.”  On the other, write “tr.”  Write one of the following on each of the envelopes:
    ue      op       aw       ap       avel      ick
  2. Choose hiding place for each of the envelopes:  under a bed, under a couch cushion, in a cabinet…anywhere around your home.  In each envelope, put instructions on how to find the next envelope. 
  3. Write the following message on a piece of paper.  Place it in the last envelope:
    Wow, that was quite a quest!  You didn’t __op the ball at all.  You had to __avel all around to excavate these clues.  Some of the words tried to __ick you, but you didn’t fall into the __ap.  You could tell which word was fake, and which one was __ue.  Good job! Now, you should __aw a map so that you can find your way back to all of these hiding places.
  4. As your child keeps his eyes closed, hide each of the envelopes. 
  5. Then say to your child, “We are going to go on a quest.  That means we are going to have an adventure searching for something.  We need to excavate some messages, and we have to dig them up around the house.”  Hand your child the index cards and tell him, “These are your special Word Ball letter detectors.  You’re going to use them on our quest.” 
  6. Take your child to the first hiding place, and together, pull out the envelope.  Say to your child, “ue” isn’t a word, it’s part of a word.  Which of our index cards do you think will make this a real word?”  Once your child has figured out that “tr”will make the word true, he can open the envelope to find the next clue.
  7. Keep going around the house, excavating all of the envelopes.  When you get to the last envelope, tell your child that he needs to fill in the blanks with all of the words that he just uncovered on his quest.

Take it Further

Add a challenge!  Sometimes “tr” and “dr” could both be used to complete a word.   Try to make a word quest in which your child has to identify the correct word based on where the envelope is. 

  • Use the ending –y and hide it under a towel.  Is a towel used to try or to dry?
  • Use the ending –ain and hide it under the sink.  Does the sink have a train or a drain?
  • Use the ending –ip and hide it in the shower.  Does the showerhead drip or is it taking a trip?


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