The Super Skills of the Silent E

Help your child develop her word skills by teaching her about the special skill of silent “e.” Ask her to practice predicting how words change when the silent “e” is added.

  • Target Age:  6-9 
  • Learning Goals:  Phonics:Silent E
  • Related Episode: Episode 101: “Skills”
  • Related GameMine Cart Mash


  • Crayons
  • Index cards 


  1. Ask your child to write the letter “e” on a card.
  2. Have him create cards for the words in the word bank below (without the silent “e”). Talk about how each word will change once the super strong silent “e” is added to the end. Ask him to predict how for each word.  Does he notice a pattern in the way silent “e” works?

Word Bank

Bit (bite), cap (cape), mad (made), scrap (scrape), rag (rage), bath (bathe), spin (spine), rid (ride), pin (pine), quit (quite), strip (stripe), slim (slime), hop (hope), cub (cube)

Take it Further

The silent “e” changes the sound of a vowel in the word. Does it change other letters? How does the super strong silent “e” change the sound of the letter “g”?


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