The Bug Went to the Gym

This fun activity will encourage your child to notice the different sounds the letter “g” makes. Then you can use your “g” words to create silly sentences together.

  • Target Age: 6-9
  • Learning Goals: Phonics: Hard “G” vs. soft “G”
  • Related Episode: 103 - “Lights, Camera, Beetles”
  • Related Game:Halfpipe Hoverball


  • Pen or markers
  • Paper
  • Index card


  1. Write some words that use soft “G,” (e.g. agent, germ, gel), hard “G” (e.g. game, goat, gold) and both (e.g. garage, gouge, gigantic) on the index cards.
  2. Ask your child to create a Venn diagram by drawing two large circles on a paper, making sure that the circles intersect.
  3. In one circle, she should write “Hard G.” In the other circle she should write “Soft G.” In the small intersecting circle your child should write “Both.”
  4. Read the words off the index card and ask her to either draw the image of the word, or write the word in either the “Hard G,” “Soft   G,” or “Both” category.  (Allow her to be inventive with the spelling of the word.
  5. Together, write silly sentences that include words containing both hard and soft “g” sounds.

Take it Further

Talk about it. Does the placement of the letter “g” in the word determine its sound? Is there a pattern?  Point out that the “g” usually makes the soft g sound 


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