The Electric Company is a TV show, an online destination and a community outreach experience that offers 6-9 year old children a hip portal into the world of literacy. This reinvention of the classic 70's show continues its' predecessor's aim of being at the edge of cool by drawing on animation, comedic styles, hip music and celebrities of today. The backbone of the project remains literacy with a curriculum of vocabulary, phonics and comprehension of connected text. 

In each episode, The Electric Company is called upon to solve a problem created by a naughty group of neighborhood Pranksters. In every instance, the Company prevails with the power of their words. While the stories can be fantastical, each episode follows a wildly creative logic that often results in the characters breaking into song.


Rapper's Delight

Rapper's Delight

Rap's great way to flex creativity and play with rhyming words.

Cool Combinations

Cool Combinations

Use a formula to help your child learn about compound words.

Word Quest

Word Quest

Excavate word artifacts around your home and figuring out what they are!


The Super Skills of the Silent E

Keith is invited to join The Electric Company, but Francine steals his special skill. Help your child develop her word skills by teaching her about the special skill of the silent "e."

Rapper's Delight

In the "Scent of a Human" episode, Hector has a mishap on the day he is supposed to star in his own rap video. Encourage your child to create a rap — it's a great way to flex creative skills.

The Bug Went to the Gym

This fun activity will encourage your child to notice the different sounds the letter "g" makes. Then you can use your "g" words to create silly sentences together.

Word Quest

In the episode, "Jules Quest," Jessica is on a quest to excavate important artifacts. But Danny Rebus is racing against her. You and your child can go on a quest of your own, excavating word artifacts from hiding places around your home and figuring out what they are!

Cool Combinations

In the episode, "Franscent," Lisa has made a science experiment: a really cool hybrid plant, or a new plant made by combining two other plants. But, Francine stole the plant to make perfume, and now she really stinks! Francine and Lisa have to come up with a formula to make the scent go away. Words can be hybrids, too. Use the formula below to help your child master these combined words.

Word Builder

Annie switches brains with Lisa. The Electric Company tried to find a way to switch them back before Annie's ruined Lisa's good name with her neighborhood pranks. Sometimes, when letters switch places it builds a new word. Build your own words with this word wall activity.

Comic Book Creator

In the episode, "Mighty Bright Fight," Jessica and Manny work together to try to meet the creator of the "Mighty Bright Knight" comic book. Your child can be a creator, too. In the activity below, he'll get the chance to create his very own Electric Company comic book.

Pirates and Bears Oh My

In this episode, we learn about Bossy R. Help your child identify the way the letter R changes the sound of a word.


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