Tools Count

Practice naming tools and counting, and explore core concepts of technology.

  • Target Age:  3-5 
  • Subject: science, engineering, math, vocabulary
  • Related Episode: Grease Monkey in Space



  1. Write the word tool on a piece of paper. Say the word aloud and ask your child to repeat it. Explain to her that a tool is "a piece of equipment that you use to build something." Ask her to think of tools she knows and name them. If your child cannot think of many tools, look through magazines or newspaper ads and point out tools. Discuss how each tool has a different job to do (e.g. a straw is used to sip drinks.)
  2. Print out the Tools Count (PDF).Direct your child to count the number of tools on the page. Point out that not all of the pictures are tools. Tell her to circle the tools as she counts and then answer the questions. Once she is done, review the answers with her (1. three; 2. ruler).

Take it Further

Look around your neighborhood and find examples of where tools were used to build something. For example, determine which tools would be needed to build a mailbox, a birdhouse, a street sign, a bench, etc. What tools would you need to build a birdfeeder for the birds in your neighborhood?

More Ways to Discover and Learn

Look in a Book:

  • Tools 
    by Ann Morris
  • Whose Tools are These? 
    by Sharon Katz Cooper


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