Dig It

Follow the plan by taking steps to build something.

  • Target Age:  3-5 
  • Subject: science, engineering
  • Related Episode: Free Hundley


  • Dig It (PDF)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Pad of paper


  1. Write the word build on a piece of paper. Say the word aloud and ask your child to repeat it. Explain that tobuild is "to make something by putting different parts together."
  2. Print out the Dig It (PDF). Explain to him that following a plan is like going through a maze: You have to follow the right path and know where you are going. Instruct him to complete the tunnel maze on the activity. You too can complete the maze and compare together.
  3. Write the word steps on the piece of paper. Say the word aloud and ask your child to repeat it. Explain to him that steps are "the things that you need to do in order to build or do something." Ask him what steps he has just taken to complete this activity. Then ask him for examples of steps that he takes every day (e.g., brushing his teeth when he wakes up).

Take it Further

Make a plan to build something with your child. This could be a simple tower made of building blocks or interconnecting block pieces or something more complicated like a birdfeeder, pancakes, or tent city. Write or draw the steps needed to complete your building project. Follow your outlined steps to build your project. Did you list all of the needed steps? Were there other steps you had to take to complete the project?

More Ways to Discover and Learn

Look in a Book

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