Pocket Full of Kindness

Help your child share a pocket full of kindness with someone special by making this unique wall pocket to fill with delicious or useful goodies.

  • Target Age: 4-7
  • Skills:
    • Life Skills
    • Language and Literacy


  • 2 paper plates
  • 1/2 yarn or narrow ribbon
  • hole-punch
  • scissors
  • small decorations that can be attached or glued to paper plates (stickers, buttons, etc.)
  • crayons; markers; paint pens

Directions:Begin by cutting one of the paper plates in half. Face the inside of the half-plate toward the inside of the other plate to make a pocket. Glue and allow to dry. Using the hole-punch, follow the outside edge of the lower half and punch a line of holes about 1/2 inch apart. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie loose ends in the back of the larger plate. Option: Use two or three colors of ribbon together. Decorate and fill with delicious or useful goodies. Share this pocket full of kindness with someone special.

Talk about It:Ask your child to name people in his/her life that are kind. Then talk about how kind acts can help others in situations like natural disasters or in challenging times.

Take it Further:Find other objects around the house that could be used as a container for delicious or useful goodies, like small clay pots, used gift bags, or shoe boxes just waiting to be painted, decorated and filled up!

With a Group:Here's a new twist on making more fun pockets of kindness: Have each child bring a new pair of socks to fill with goodies for someone special, or to trade with each other. Option: Attach ribbon onto a single baby sock to make a small sock necklace to stuff with smaller mini-treats.

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