Laced Hearts and More

Help your child use the following fun crafty ideas to share "heartfelt" feelings with someone special.

  • Target Age: 4-7
  • Skills:
    • Language and Literacy Skills
    • Social and Emotional Skills
    • Physical and Motor Skills


  • brown paper bags
  • scissors/pinking shears
  • hole punch
  • facial tissue or art tissue
  • narrow ribbon or yarn
  • writing tools (markers, crayons, paint pens, etc.)

Directions: Fold brown paper and cut out double heart shapes. Punch holes through both layers. Write a kind heartfelt message on heart. Lace heart layers together up the sides, leaving the top of the heart open. Stuff heart with tissue and finish lacing. Leave enough ribbon to tie a bow or hang.

Talk about It: Ask your child to share what makes his/her heart happy or sad. Then work together to name people, pets, activities, and places that give each one of you a happy heart.

Take it Further: Make another fun and useful homemade gift for a good friend or Valentine by covering a clean, metal tin can (one end open) with overlapping and different sized brown paper hearts. Make sure paper edges are flat and glued down. Personalize the can with small stick-on, cut-out, or hand-printed letters. Spray with a clear sealer or coat with decoupage liquid. Trim top outside rim of can with ribbon or lace. Fill can with goodies that can be enjoyed at a desk like pencils, candy, etc.

With a Group: Make a group heart mobile or individual heart mobiles with everyone's name on a laced heart (using directions from above). Wrap ribbon or yarn around a coat hanger. Then hang hearts using different lengths of string, ribbon, or yarn. This same idea can be used for to celebrate seasons, holidays, and special occasions.

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