Kind Hearts

Your child will experience sharing kindness by creating this unique "kind heart," just right to hold tissues, candy, or anything you wish to lift the spirits of someone special.

  • Target Age: 3-7
  • Skills:
    • Social and Emotional Skills
    • Language and Literacy Skills
    • Music and Art Appreciation and Performance Skills


  • small lunch-size brown paper bag
  • pink and red colored (or construction) paper
  • glue
  • box of soft tissue (small portion will be used)
  • approximately 1 yard of colorful ribbon or yarn small enough to thread through a hole punch opening
  • pinking shears (or regular scissors)
  • crayons or markers

Directions: Begin by flattening a small brown paper bag. Cut a big heart shape from the bag (both layers) with pinking shears or other scissors. Then cut out different sizes of more colorful paper hearts. Write kind messages on each heart like I love you, You're the best, and You're Special to Me!. Glue the heart messages on the front and back of the brown paper heart. With the hole punch, make holes all the way around the outline of the heart. Thread the ribbon through each hole, leaving the holes at the top open. Gently stuff the heart full of tissues and pull one tissue up where it pops out like a flower. Tie ribbon ends into a bow. When you deliver the stuffed heart to your special person, encourage them to hang it up and think of you each time they reach for a soft tissue. Option: The designs on the outside of the heart can be changed to fit every season or holiday.

Talk about It: Share ways that both you and your child have been shown kindness by someone else. Then think of more ways to show kindness to others that you know, and to help others that might live far away and not know you personally.

Take it Further: Tissues are not the only thing that can be stuffed in this unique "kind heart." How about candy, pencils, or a Clifford picture colored and cut up in small pieces to puzzle back together with your special person?

With a Group: Use this activity to create multiples of stuffed "kind hearts" for your group to share with other children, senior citizens, hospitals, daycares, etc. Set a goal to do something kind for others on a regular basis, and especially during holidays and on special occasions.

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