Home-grown Self-esteem

Provide age-appropriate opportunities for your child to build self-esteem and "grow" in responsible behavior with fun activities that will engage and inspire!

  • Target Age: 3-7
  • Skills:
    • Language and Literacy Skills
    • Social and Emotional Skills
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills

Listed below under each idea

Directions: Use these simple ideas to help your child experience meaningful age-appropriate activities that will build self-esteem right at home:

  • For a real "growing" experience, plant a fruit or flowering plant for your child to grow indoors. Make a chart to help your child keep up with planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning responsibilities. After plant(s) blooms, share with someone special.
  • Help your child become more aware of the responsibilities that baby-sitters have and how your child can help in an emergency. Make a list of emergency phone numbers to be placed by the phone. Create a first-aid kit to keep in a special place. Practice home tornado and fire drills. Help your child realize the important role that everyone takes in an unexpected situation or emergency!

Talk about It: Ask your child to share how he/she might feel if someone left a big mess and didn't even offer to help pick the mess up? Then talk about responsible ways to react when friends leave a mess at the table or scatter play things about without putting them up.

Take it Further: Help your child name simple jobs that he/she could perform on a daily basis. Make a simple chart (using pictures instead of words if needed) and provide sticky stars for your child to mark the chart with. Set a goal for a reward by planning a fun parent-child activity to reinforce and inspire your child to continue "growing" into a responsible lad or lassie.

With a Group: Engage children in a discussion about how community helpers like firefighters, police, and EMS professionals respond to help others in an emergency. Arrange time to visit your local fire department, police department, and EMS facility. Encourage children to express what they learned through original drawings and thank-you notes to each place visited.

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