Helpful Hand Coupons

Encourage your child to express his/her helpful heart by creating "Helping Hand" coupons to use at home.

  • Target Age: 3-7
  • Skills:
    • Language and Literacy Skills
    • Social and Emotional Skills
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills


  • colorful paper (Suggestions: construction, tag board, or light-colored wrapping paper)
  • writing tools (markers, paint pens)

Directions: Help your child make a list of 5 ways to be a helper at home. Each task can be tailored to meet the needs of your child or fit his/her perception of what a helper could do at home to help others. Suggestions: Making bed, picking up toys, setting the table, turning off lights, playing with a sibling, feeding the family pet, and helping in the kitchen. Talk about each job/task on the list. Trace your child's handprint on the colored paper(s). Cut out handprints match each listed job/task. Write each helping job/task on a handprint. As your child performs each job/task, place that handprint on the refrigerator or in a special place. When all five hands have been collected, reward your child with a fun parent-child activity, or how about a Clifford cartoon and picture coloring party with a special friend?

Talk about It: Ask your child to express personal feelings about helping others. Then have your child name all the ways he/she has helped someone else at home or at school.

Take it Further: At your service! Help someone close-by feel better. Follow the directions to make favorite flavor of Jell-O. Pour mixture into paper or plastic cups and add small pieces of fruit. Serve Jell-O cup on a tray with a freshly cut flower or plant from outside, along with a favorite book or magazine to enjoy.

With a Group: Smiles, hugs, and helping hands are priceless! Encourage children to cooperatively share their service and generosity among others by using these ideas:

  • Visit a retirement village for games and refreshments with senior citizens.
  • Donate books, coloring books, and crayons to a children's hospital.
  • Have group autograph new socks or small pillows for elderly friends.
  • Feed pets, collect mail, and water plants for someone away from home.

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