Get Organized!

Have fun helping your child practice basic organization skills by matching and sorting familiar objects at home.

  • Target Age: 4-7
  • Skills:
    • Language and Literacy Skills
    • Cognitive Thinking Skills
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Skills


  • peg boards
  • tableware
  • puzzles
  • various other home items (listed below)

Directions: Learning how to help at home with organization takes practice and patience. To start building skills that will help your child better understand the concept of patterns and organized arrangement, invite your child to help you:

  • play with peg boards
  • organize one drawer, shelf, or cupboard with similar things like placing only shorts in the drawer, children's books on the shelves, and dinner dishes in the cupboard.
  • piece puzzles together
  • set the table
  • assist in handing out food or objects
  • disassemble (take apart) and assemble (put back together) simple things and gadgets

Talk about It: Help your child think about how he/she would like to organize something personal like a toy box, bookshelf, or the community of stuffed animals that seem to be everywhere! Then get busy and get the job done before "someone" changes their mind! Important: Don't forget to praise your child's effort so he/she will be encouraged to repeat helpful behavior again!

Take it Further: Help your child recognize the importance of his/her role in helping to keep personal space organized. Make a simple list (with pictures if needed) to post on a wall or put the list in a picture frame as a daily reminder to stay organized. Set goals and come up with small age-appropriate rewards to keep the enthusiasm up about being organized and helping out in this big way.

With a Group: Find an age-appropriate way for your group to help others through a community project. Assign responsibilities and dates to participate. If the project is a short-range commitment, then set a goal to reward everyone when the goal is reached. If the group commitment is a long-range mission, set small goals so children will see progress and have some type of small reward to keep up the enthusiasm for completing the goal.

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