Experience Language

Introduce and/or practice easy-to-follow Spanish language phrases to help your child build important language acquisition skills.

  • Target Age: 3-7
  • Skills:
    • Language and Literacy Skills
    • Social and Emotional Skills
    • Understanding and Appreciating Diversity

Spanish phrases (listed below)

Directions: The earlier you begin sharing new language with your child, the better! Have fun practicing and these basic Spanish phrases. Then use each phrase on a regular basis to build important language acquisition skills that will benefit your child for a lifetime!

  • Good day or good morning- Buenos dias!
  • Good night or good evening- Buenas noches!
  • Hello- Hola!
  • Welcome-Bienvenido!
  • I am hungry- Tengo hambre!
  • I am thirsty- Tengo sed!
  • See you later- Hasta luego!
  • Thank you very much- Muchas gracias!
  • Please- Por favor!
  • Good-bye- Adios!

Talk about It: Ask your child to repeat as many of the above Spanish phrases as possible by memory. Invite your child to share ideas on how it feels when someone talks in a foreign language and he/she can't understand what was spoken. Then talk about other new languages that are spoken in your child's school and neighborhood and the benefits of knowing more than one language.

Take it Further: Explore more about Mexico's colorful and exciting culture by enjoying the following book suggestions:

  • Fiesta by June Behrens (Children's Book Press)
  • The Pi�ata Maker/El pi�atero by George Ancona (Harcourt)
  • My Mexico/Mexico mio by Tom Johnston (Paper Star)

With a Group: Encourage your group to learn more about Mexican culture by attending a celebration like Cinco de Mayo, observed on May 5th each year to commemorate Mexico's independence. For your groups own celebration, invite Latino friends to share ways they experience this celebration. Then provide opportunities for your group to experience the food, music, dress, and traditions that make this Latino culture so unique and festive!

Related Books

  • Colors of Mexico by Lynn Ainsworth Olawsky (Carolrhoda Books)
  • Clifford's Schoolhouse by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic)
  • Familia de Clifford by Norman Bridwell (Scholastic)


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