Trying New Things

Put on a puppet show about having new experiences.

  • Target Age:  3 - 5 
  • Learning Goals:  art, creative thinking & problem solving, dramatic play & creative movement, language & literacy, social & emotional development
  • Related Episode: Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn


  • craft sticks
  • magazines
  • markers
  • old socks
  • paper plates
  • tape


Help children make puppets and use them to act out stories about having new experiences.

  1. Make a puppet: Help your children make different kinds of puppets. They can use things like paper plates, socks, or pictures mounted on craft sticks.
  1. Share your story: Tell your children about something new that you tried. Talk about how you were expecting to be nervous, bored, or scared, but then found to your surprise that you liked your experience.
  1. Share your kids' stories: Ask your children to talk about similar experiences they've had. Provide discussion prompts: Think of a new food you tried or a new place you visited that you thought you'd dislike, but ended up liking.
  1. Put on a show: Help your children use their homemade puppets to put on a show based on the stories they told you.

Take It Further

Help your children try something new. Maybe they want to bake a cake, go ice-skating, or try yoga! Talk about it, and then choose an activity to do together.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1.

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