Newspaper Crafts

Play fun games with old newspapers.

  • Target Age:  3-5 
  • Learning Goals:  art, creative thinking & problem solving, language & literacy, life skills
  • Related Episode: Revenge of the Chip


  • marker
  • newspaper/magazines
  • poster board
  • scissors
  • tape


Find new uses for old newspapers with these ideas:

  1. Smile Umbrellas: There's a saying that goes "Let a smile be your umbrella." Help your children draw umbrella shapes onto newspaper and cut them out. (It may help to create an umbrella stencil out of poster board first.) Have each child tell you what makes him or her smile, and write it in bold letters on an umbrella. Hang your "smile umbrellas" around the house.
  1. Scavenger Hunt: On a piece of poster board, make a list of items (e.g., a sneaker, the number 5, the letter K, etc.). Have your children look through newspapers or magazines to find pictures of the items you chose. When children find an appropriate picture, they can cut it out and tape it to the poster.

Take It Further

Assist your children in tearing or cutting pictures from magazines. Help them to create a unique collage by pasting the pictures onto a piece of poster board.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 2.

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