Breakfast Menu

Prepare a "thoughtful" breakfast.

  • Target Age:  3-5 
  • Learning Goals:  life skills, math, science & health
  • Related Episode: The Half-Baked Sale


  • cooking supplies
  • ingredients for breakfast foods


Prepare a breakfast buffet with your children, taking advantage of the "teachable moments" that arise. Here are some ideas:

  1. Plan: Plan a breakfast menu with your children, and work together to prepare the food.
  1. Observe: Encourage your children to observe and describe how ingredients change when they are prepared. For instance, try having them shake 1/2 cup of heavy cream in a small jar for two or three minutes to make butter.
  1. Predict: Ask your children to predict how muffin batter will change when you bake it in the oven, or how apple slices will change as you simmer them on the stove to make applesauce.
  1. Explain: Count and talk about seeds and pits as you make a fruit salad.
  1. Experiment: Do taste-test experiments with some of your ingredients. Can your children identify the ingredient by taste alone?

Note: Be aware of food allergies, especially to nuts such as peanuts. Keep children away from the stove, oven, and dangerous kitchen items.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 1.

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