Box Vehicle

Turn a plain box into a creative invention.

  • Target Age:  3-5 
  • Learning Goals:  art, creative thinking & problem solving
  • Related Episode: Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival


  • art supplies
  • cardboard box (large)


Children's imaginations can take them anywhere they want to go. And what better vehicle to travel in than a big cardboard box!

  1. Brainstorm: Invite your children to explore the box and suggest other things it could be: a car, a fire truck, a sailboat, etc. Decide together what the box will become.
  1. Create: Have your children decorate the box using various art supplies.
  1. Imagine: Let your children's imaginations take off! They can sail for the open seas, or lift off for a lunar exploration. (Be sure to cut a viewing-hole in the top so you can see inside.)

Take It Further

Help your children create a story based on their box vehicle. Have them act out their story, making sure they include a beginning, a middle, and an end.

With a Group
This is a great activity to do with a group! When deciding what to make, let the group discuss ideas and vote on what they'd like the box to be.

Based on an activity in Play and Learn with Arthur, Volume 2.

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