Adventure Story

Write a spine-tingling tale

  • Target Age:  3-5 
  • Learning Goals:  art, creative thinking & problem solving, language & literacy
  • Related Episode: Arthur's Faraway Friend


  • art supplies
  • paper 
  • paper fasteners
  • scissors
  • three-hole punch


Work with your children to create and illustrate a collaborative adventure story.

  1. Write: Create a story together. Write your children's words on pieces of paper that will become the pages of a book. You may want to use or adapt the following story outline: 
  • Arthur and Buster want to find (What?) because (Why?)
  • However, (What makes it hard to get?).
  • Arthur and Buster begin their adventure. They (What do they do?).
  • But unfortunately, (What difficulty do they encounter?).
  • So Arthur and Buster (How do they meet the challenge?).
  • Finally, (How does the adventure end?).
  1. Illustrate: Read the completed story aloud, and work together to choose a title. Have your children illustrate the pages and a cover. Bind the pages together using paper fasteners.

Take It Further

With a Group
Create a Big Book by writing the story on large pieces of paper. Have teams of children illustrate the pages, and invite friends and family to hear the story read aloud.

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